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SEO Outsourcing is a good opportunity for the individuals who get this job and also beneficial for the .pany which indulge in such type of strategy. Outsourcing helps in getting resources or human resources outside the .pany or even outside the country that .pany is based on. In SEO outsourcing every .pany providing the outsource work expects certain standard of websites work to be done to other .panies or individuals on the other end. So the website standards in SEO services outsourcing must include following prospects- Home page- See if website is organized in a clear fashion which promotes navigation. The users should be able to predict immediately about you and what you offer. The home page should be like an information destination and not a lending page. The home page must provide good impressions that general user click through on its links. Performance issues see whether images, videos and pages in website are able to load quickly. There should be clean and precise code in the site. The website must include the search function that should be fast and useful. Do quality assurance testing of how the site looks on different browsers. Content-The content should be written clearly and influentially. Include the relevant resources like case studies, articles etc in the website content. The content should effectively describe the products, services had its benefits. Content keyword should be focused on users and search engines but do not include keyword stuffing to fool the search engines. These days search engines give preference to content that is written more from users point of view. Links and Navigation- Check whether all the links in the website work. See whether all links are clearly marked. The navigation structure should be consistent throughout the website. Determine if the navigation structure links the whole site and provides access to the entire site Cricitical pages- Define the top level page that describes the clients products and services. There should be an about us page that describes the information about .pany. Define contact us page that is entirely clear and informative. Define questions and answers page where users can ask questions and answer their own. Define testimonials section. Make a blog for website to update it frequently. Create a social bookmarking button to take advantage of web 2.0 technology. Usability -see whether the website is well organized and user is easy to find the information in it. Create sitemap that .bines all the organizational structure and links to the pages. Try to keep site user friendly. The site should be easy to reads and written on the web. Utilize the bullets, headlines and other stylish content whenever required. Try to use CSS to control the layout of entire site. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) See whether the site is search engine friendly. Try to optimize the site for specific and relevant keywords. Try to acquire a lot of high quality and relevant links. For SEO benefits use the online press release and social media marketing. See the navigation structure provide the access to the entire site. Thus the .panies which provide the services of outsourcing to its far clients must define above stated web promotion standards while designing and promoting a website. This will be beneficial in its achieving the long term online goals and objects. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: