Wedding how to save money wedding

How to save money for wedding wedding wedding wedding is a costly process, although a lifetime is a minor to a point, but some can save money not white do not. Here we collect the wedding how to save money, look at it! I hope to help you. The wedding wedding with exquisite decoration places can reduce decoration costs in the wedding venue with exquisite decoration places, for example in the spring decorated botanical garden or resort villa ready for the wedding, is the good method to save money. Choose a venue that doesn’t need to be decorated. If you choose a wedding venue that has a red carpet or a beautiful landscape, the atmosphere is very suitable for the wedding, you can save a lot of strength and money on the decoration. If you need a lot of flowers, the veil is to the color of the site, then waiting pouch and bleed. Off-season put wine off-season wine, food, venues, etc. will be much cheaper. For example, 1, March, in 7, in August, are off-season, places, drinks will be discounted. Try to avoid the holiday and festival, this time the number of marriages more, site services prices will also rise. To avoid the wedding in the holiday season generally refers to the labor day, national day, new year’s day, Spring Festival, the so-called get married period. The price of the hotel is not the same, as long as it is the weekend hotel price will be higher than a length, if it is the peak season, the higher, the same hotel, the same room, the price is higher so much, so choose the wedding on the usual couple can use price more appropriate. Choose a better hotel, is not very attractive? BYO many hotels are allowed to bring their own drinks, usually charge a corkage fee, others will receive about 15% service charge, this time in the hotel, clearly written in the contract. The hotel offers a variety of drinks and packaging, the price naturally higher than the market price, bring their own drinks easier to control the quantity and price. The use of pure natural decorative material made of pure natural decorative materials can not only reduce costs, but also can often reach an unexpected effect, such as choosing a good-looking smooth natural stone, a combination of letters new first name after painting is pasted on a polished, suddenly you have designed and completed a masterpiece.相关的主题文章: