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Zhou Pengwen: Yellen’s testimony gold demand insufficient sing the same old song clients view the latest market spot gold due to the recent Fed officials frequently talk a good voice, boost the United States that, given the pressure of gold, Thursday intraday trend cycle to white plate concussion higher, then began to decline in the formation of pressing double line 1325, in the U.S. under the lower pressure data, the lowest reach 1315 line, because OPEC crude oil production reached a preliminary freeze agreement, and the recent API and EIA crude oil and gasoline EIA data is to reduce inventory, to let go a certain boost crude oil, crude oil market fundamentals continued to rise, after days of thought is short-term indicators continue to correct high current 48.3-4 line suppression, operation on bargain. National Day is approaching, Kim Gu ended today, and the National Day holiday for seven days, ten days of silver are running out, the recent market boom, crash, unilateral, shock, most losses, Dajiangshan is not easy, not easy to keep country. OPEC has reached an agreement to limit oil production at an informal meeting in Algeria, where oil prices soared overnight and the stock market rose. Market sentiment rebounded to suppress the price of gold, while the U.S. durable goods orders data released Wednesday is better than expected to make gold under pressure. Fed chairman Yellen’s testimony that the Fed may sing the same old song, in the interest rate hike this year, and failed to give the market guidance. Markets are waiting for Friday’s U.S. inflation data. The focus is on tomorrow’s inflation target, which is the Fed’s preferred inflation target, if the data show that inflation rose to 2% target set by the Fed, the market will increase confidence in the Fed’s interest rate hike in December. The U.S. Commerce Department data showed U.S. two quarter GDP final value of 1.4%, better than expected 1.3%, the former value of 1.1%. Strong consumer spending in the two quarter, the annual growth rate of up to 4.3%. An upbeat sign for the US economic outlook is mainly due to strong consumer spending. Compared with a quarter GDP final value of 0.8% GDP, significant growth in the two quarter, but still lower than the average annual growth rate in 2009 2% after the end of the great depression. Growth in the U.S. economy is still the weakest since 1949, GDP growth has been 3 consecutive quarters of less than 1.5%. The U.S. Labor Department on Thursday (September 29th) released data show that the United States in September 24th when the weekly jobless claims number was 254 thousand, lower than the expected value of 260 thousand, the former value from 252 thousand to 251 thousand, for 82 consecutive weeks of less than 300 thousand, since 1970 the longest period; the United States in September 17th when the week continued jobless claims to 2 million 62 thousand people, lower than the expected value of 2 million 129 thousand, the former value from 2 million 113 thousand to 2 million 108 thousand. Jobless data has been 82 consecutive weeks at 300 thousand below the mark, the longest continuous period of 1970 to record, which means that the U.S. labor market is still in a steady growth track, with the days of speeches by Fed officials or further hinted that the Fed rate hike has The day is not too distant when. Because there is no Fed officials hawkish remarks on.相关的主题文章: