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Mobile-Cell-Phone Only last year, in 2009, we got the launch of the HTC HD2 mobile phone. This unit turned out to be popular and ended up selling a large volume. Being a mobile phone manufacturer which is revolutionary and fast paced, HTC has thought they would develop upon this and have introduced a edition of the handset named as the HTC HD mini. As the name of the device implies, the HTC HD mini handset is the smaller and more .pressed variation of the precursor. The smaller version of the handset is supplied in at 103 x 58 x 12mm, the HD mini that is a very similar measurements with other makes of mobile phones within this domain, however, if you put mobile side by side to the HTC HD2, that has a vast 4.3 inch screen, the mini is a lot smaller. The first version has been accused by some for being too bulky, therefore the HD mini edition really should tempt users who had been enticed, but felt it was a little too big to deal with. The HTC HD mini handset .es with a screen which is 1 inch smaller than the HTC HD2, so its 3.2 inch, nonetheless it remains a capacitive touchscreen display screen. The rear of the mobile takes a different approach too, the panel was exchanged with a bright yellow panel which is on the phone to support both the battery and the phones sim in place. The look is finished by way of four little screws to pin the rear on the main skeleton of the handset. The small edition incorporates a marvelous general appearance and feel furthermore, as it’s been formed more .pact, it can ac.modate within customers pockets far better and it’ll not seem like it is weighing you down. What features will .e with this new phone? Certainly, you will be thrilled to discover that HTC hasn’t added a rubbish camera, like quite a few mini or lite phone did. Your HTC HD mini mobile includes a 5 mega-pixel autofocus digital camera, subsequently it will be straightforward to capture serious looking footage using this camera. You also get the usual features and functions, such as GPS, Windows Media Player, FM radio and Twitter and Facebook has been intergrated for you, to keep you entertained on the go. If you are a user who like to use the internet on a mobile phone, this could be the right device for you to go for. The HTC HD mini uses 3G Opera Mobile browser and GPRS, EDGE and Wi-Fi offering a fast internet connection on the move and with most contract deals featuring inclusive internet browsing this will be something you will be using more and more in the future. The HD mini runs using the Windows Mobile 6.5.3 OS as well as driven using a 600MHz processor, that is better than the vast majority of full sized mobile phone. By using the aid of a expandable memory as high as 32GB your programs are able to run super fast and simply to get a excellent all round user experience to rival the best. We are in no doubt at all, that considering the good appearance as well as the fantastic characteristics and functions which .e with this device, the HTC HD mini will probably be successful this year when it gets revealed on to the market place. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: