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What has Soros been up to lately? American politics for the next big chess [] and reading related news pictures is the self timer, and when the old driver"! Buffett is the woman "spell" earlier media reports, Buffett in support of the Hilary campaign, became a driver, and registered a "old driver website". Soros is more politically ambitious than Mr Buffett, who fundamentally changed the electoral system in the United States and plans to increase the number of voters in the United States by 10 million. He’s planning a political game. Is there anyone who is curious about the overthrow of the state voter registration act? These lawsuits are very expensive, after all, the top 1000 hours of law firms are expensive. According to the 2500 page document released by the DC leak site, Soros is behind the lawsuit. Soros’s move is part of its plan to increase the number of voters in the United States by at least 10 million by 2018. Details of the plan were discussed at the board of the open society foundation in May 2014. The foundation was founded by Soros. The open society foundation, in its 2015 to 2018 strategic framework, points out that the foundation’s primary goal is to strengthen the quality of democracy in the United States by including more voters and responsibilities. Under this goal, the main tasks of the open society foundation are as follows: "the registration of the system and the modernization of constitutional legislation to protect the United States, the number of voters registered in the United States at least 10 million people." The Open Society Foundation warns that "democracy in the United States is being threatened by the rich interests"." American democracy is threatened. A wide range of ideological single polarization reactions in the fact that the exposure of the decline, as well as the federal and state government agencies differentiation. Misled by the Supreme Court’s decision, public life and politics in the United States have been unduly intervened by the wealthy. In order to protect the interests of their own interests, the interests of various groups have been greatly challenged. The presentation of the board of directors of the open society foundation lists four special "strategies" to expand the election. The word "strategy" effectively blinds those who support the electoral truth act. Because the paranoid attempt to set up an obstacle to the voter registration system to inhibit or decide whether the voting rights of specific groups. Many ethnic groups, such as African Americans, Hispanics, Native American Samoa groups, as well as the Middle East, Arabia, South Asia and Muslim immigrants sound fewer opportunities to influence effective public political issues, including the rule of law, access to information and network voting, regulations and crime. To expand the scope of voters, through the rich form of registration and increase polling stations to reduce voter registration barriers. At the same time, through the inhibition of voting, voting and voting rights denied the dilution of the conduct of combat in order to maintain and expand voting rights to all ethnic groups in the election and the policy of equal right to speak, to reduce the rich for excessive influence of politics and policy. By giving the support of the right to speak and the development of legal theory to support the relevant provisions of the election. To improve the efficiency and participation of the municipal government, especially in areas where the population has undergone major changes or the lack of the ability of the municipal government相关的主题文章: