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Business In an age where conventional glass and plastics are soon a thing of the past, attention has shifted to the use of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) or sometimes known as glass reinforced plastic. FRP is basically a fiber-reinforced polymer matrix made of plastic reinforced by fine glass fibers. Plastic matrix can epoxy (thermosetting plastics) or thermoplastic. FRP solid material is very light and extremely strong and is often compared to the ability of carbon fiber. Although somewhat more restrictive than the carbon fiber is also less raw materials are brittle and much less expensive. FRP is preferable compared to conventional metals, mainly due to the weight and force majeure, and the ability to change shape during the printing process. FRP is widely used to develop the basic framework for ships, tanks, ships, pipes and funnels. FRP grid formed by a combination of fiberglass reinforcements and thermosetting resins one. This composite material is regarded as a material for the future, replacing conventional materials such as metals and alloys. Grating FRP does not corrode like conventional steel grates and because it is a perfect candidate for corrosive environments. This makes the mean FRP grating out from other composite materials. GRP Grid also has a high strength to weight ratio and are therefore resistant to impact. In addition, they have a long term service life and require little maintenance or not. Because of its resistance to corrosion, FRP is used to build ships and tanks to house the chemicals and corrosives. Like other compounds, FRP also undergone a process of oxidation, where the surface becomes dull and faded colors. FRP scrubbers are generally used for washing liquid from the surface to prevent oxidation. In air pollution control technology, in general there are three main types of FRP scrubber. Dry scrubber vessel involve dry solids suspended half in the middle of the tank to control the concentration of contaminants in the inlet gas by adsorption-desorption. Wet scrubber means to extinguish a liquid contaminated with concentrated wash. Due to increased contact with content, this ship should be designed with more stringent standards. Scrubber is structurally similar to a biological medium wet scrubbers. This media is designed to stimulate bacterial growth by spraying the ship with water full of nutrients to promote bacterial growth. In biological treatment, the actual bacteria that scrub pollutants. One of the limitations of common fiberglass vessels and scrubbers is the temperature limit. FRP is not designed to withstand high temperatures and limits depending on the resin used to make compound. FRP is also used as raw materials for the construction of pipes and ducts, because the corrosion resistant properties. Pipe and channel transport are generally corrosive, therefore, FRP grating a good choice. FRP is also easy to form in different ways during the printing process, which proved to be a perfect candidate for the pipe material and channels. FRP does not conduct electricity well in comparison with alloys and metals. Weight FRP strength also makes it a wise choice that passes through pipes and channels their load times significantly. However, due to their fragile nature, FRP can only withstand a tensile stress before breaking. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: