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UnCategorized Daily, many people are arrested for driving under the influence. For some reason, people feel that even though they have consumed alcohol or ingested drugs, their mental state remains at its fullest capacity. They even dare to drive thinking that luck will be on their side and by some miracle, will manage to reach their destination without being arrested. Many times they are proved wrong and are arrested .mitting their crime. Well, if you happen to get caught .mitting your crime, the below is what you should expect to happen. 1. 2 Days 1 Night free stay in jail When you get pulled over and arrested for a DUI, you will end up staying at least one night in jail, even though it is your first offense. Your car too will get a free nights stay at the local impound lot, but when you are arrested, your mental capacity has been .promised, so you really would not remember about your car. Keeping your car at the impound lot will not be free. In order to get your car out, there are fees that you will need to pay. 2. DMV Hearing In order to save your license, you will need to hire a DUI lawyer prior to this hearing. Within 10 days of your arrest, you will have to undergo a hearing to determine the state of your license. The law varies from state to state but you should know that you could lose your license because you neglected to take a cab or appoint a designated driver. 3. Court Dates You will definitely have to appear in court as the judge will need to hear both sides of what had happened. What would happen next is you will get your chance to tell your story, the arresting officer will tell his story and the dashboard camera will also tell its story if necessary. If you are found to be guilty, and this is not your first offense, you are looking at spending some time in jail. Your driving license too could get revoked, either permanently or for an extended amount of time. If your offense was not serious and no one was injured or killed, then the punishment you will receive should be able to make sure that you do not appear before the court again. These punishments include, DUI School, Fines, Jail or .munity Service. 4. Consequences of a DUI After your conviction, you will find it hard to get affordable insurance and you will need special insurance for DUI drivers. Finding a job too will be a problem as employers tend to hire those who are less of a risk. Basically, after being arrested and convicted for a DUI, your mobility, your job opportunity and other aspects of life will be affected for many years to .e. At the time, you might think that this is a small matter but after a while, you will realize that you will be derived of opportunities because of one mistake. Help yourself by getting a lawyer experienced in DUI and you might be able to lead a normal life again. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: