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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Black Friday’s story began in 1966. This is when the story appeared in an advertisement in the American Philatelist. The Philadelphia Police Department has used the name to describe the traffic jams and overcrowding in shopping. Black Friday is the unofficial start after Christmas 1930. In fact, President Roosevelt moved Thanksgiving one week during the Great Depression, since the dealer wanted an extra week of sales revenues. This happy with the dealers, but angered buyers who had to change plans. In 2008, Black Friday sales fell 3.4% last year, for the first time since the National Retail Federation began recording in 1992. The holiday shopping season 2009 was only 0.4% to 437.02 billion dollars. The NRF expects an increase of 2.3% for purchases 2010 season. Updated November 15, 2010 Black Friday is the day observed by the side of Thanksgiving in America. Black Friday begins the Christmas shopping season. Christmas shopping season is of enormous importance for U.S. retailers. Black Friday stores like Walmart, Sears, Target, Toys R Us opened early and promotional offers for the shopping season, as the Boxing Day sales. Black Friday is not a federal holiday. But many employers closed for the Thanksgiving weekend and give their employees a day off, increasing the number of potential customers. It is one of the busiest shopping day of the year. End of Black Friday in Philadelphia, which was used to describe the pedestrian and vehicular traffic after heavy days of Thanksgiving Day. The use of the term began in 1975 outside Philadelphia. Later, Black Friday indicates the period when retailers turn a profit. Another similar search for Cyber Monday is associated with it. Cyber Monday refers to Monday as soon as Black Friday. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving. It officially kicks off the holiday shopping season, as shoppers 195000000 shopping during Black Friday weekend. This is important for the economy, because 19% of retail sales occurred in the Black Friday for Christmas in 2010. While some retailers such as jewelry, can be up to 40%. For 2011, the National Retail Federation said that customers tend to spend about half their holiday shopping on Black Friday of total surrender. The NRF estimates that consumers are more optimistic in 2011 than in 2010. Holiday sales are up 2.3% to 447.1 billion dollars. This is much less than the annual increase of 3.4% during the last before the recession. Since much of this spending has been fueled by credit card debt, it is unlikely we’ll see what kind of growth again for a long time. The recession is really bad holiday sales. In 2008, sales fell 3.4% in the first year the NRF began tracking retail sales in 1992. In 2009, retail sales rose 0.4% to 437.02 billion dollars. In 2010, retail sales rose 5.5% to 537.02 billion dollars On average, every customer expects to spend $ 688. More than a quarter of those with smart phones (26.8%) will use the Christmas shopping. Of, 18-24 to limit the number jumps to 45%. Shopping for discount stores (65.1%), department stores (54.5%), grocery stores (46.7%), internet (43.9%) and clothing stores (33.6%). Like last year, almost half of shoppers buying clothes and books. However, more people buy jewelry as last year – 23% .pared with only 21% in 2009. The most popular gift? Plastic, because 57% of buyers to give gift cards. (Source: National Retail Federation Survey, 2010) About the Author: 相关的主题文章: