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"Who is the king of chess" chess chess source exploration of Luoyang CDPF eight "who qualify for the National Spring Festival is Luoyang war chess king" sina sports in new year, "who is the king of chess" Chinese go tournament folk Luoyang Railway Station game in February 6 sunset under the curtain. CDPF, taxation, aerospace, construction of four sectors in "100 section of" the ancient city of Luoyang and the leaders of the 90 chess and national team captain Shao Weigang Wang Jianhong, China go nine, beautiful player Chen Ying and other guests to jointly explore the very sense of history "Luoyang chess source" — the philosophy of chess. After a fierce battle against the semi-finals of the constituency, the CDPF constituency "title" King Wen and taxation sectors "title" Wang Zhongjian into this final station. In the show, two "chess" debut the way it is quite unexpected, because Wang Wen disabled legs, Wang Zhongjian personally hand push the wheelchair into the chess Pavilion, which won the audience a piece of praise. Finally, Wang Wen won the national quarterfinals came out on top of a space for one person. In the show, two "chess" debut the way it is quite unexpected, because Wang Wen disabled legs, Wang Zhongjian personally hand push the wheelchair into the chess Pavilion, which won the audience a piece of praise. After first guess, Wang Zhongjian zhihei first. Because it is fast chess, both sides choose start with common type layout, black mini China pursuit speed layout selection below. Wang Wen immediately after the lower right point, hung, into the black array. White 48 hand tough, black 49 break show attitude not to make concessions. The battle then kicked off. When the number of hand exchange, stability under the white pawn, black faced selection. Even back to the left 3 or 6 on the right hand moves to eat white net? After the long test, black 61 fly contact 3 sons, white 62 hands jump escape. Then the two sides of each other, two pieces of black and white chess in the bilge fight. When the 108 turn white, Wang Zhongjian 109 major mistakes, white was a tip off the Black 7 in the bag, made against the situation. The end game stage Wang Zhongjian tesujis bursts, trying to narrow the gap. But Wang Wen showed a good control, the initiative firmly in their hands. 3 to 246, Wang Zhongjian can not see the post, but to vote to recognize the negative. A fierce game after the quarter finals qualify for the national Wang Wen is very happy that this game is very cool, "middle stage opponents have a place is wrong, my broken tip. But the layout was pretty good, and there was a mistake, and I caught it." After the game, Wang Wen modest said that the eight players must be master, "will only become more and more difficult, do your best."." 57 year old Wang Wen, 10 months old with polio, lead to two leg disability. Because his father will go go, often invite colleagues to kill two plates at home, the inconvenience of Wang Wen on the side of the onlookers, so that the go with the indissoluble bond, and go also let Wang Wen perception of life and go to many similarities. Every hand is like every decision in life. The next game is like a person’s life, and the most important thing is enjoying the process." Today, he is the Wang Jing go game instructor, responsible for teaching chess in small classes. "Enjoying the process of playing with children and playing chess, I feel very happy."." Shao Weigang!

《谁是棋王》探索洛阳棋源 残联棋王晋级全国八强 《谁是棋王》洛阳战   新浪体育讯  正值辞旧迎新的新春佳节,《谁是棋王》中国围棋民间争霸赛洛阳站比赛于2月6日落下帷幕。残联、税务、航天、中建四界别齐聚“百段之都”古城洛阳与90后围棋翘楚时越、中国围棋国家队队长邵炜刚、汪见虹九段、美女棋手陈盈等嘉宾共同探索极具历史感的“洛阳棋源”――棋之哲。   经过界别比赛与半决赛的激烈争夺,残联界别“棋王”王温与税务界别“棋王”王中健闯入本站决赛。节目中,两位“棋王”登场亮相的方式令人颇为意外,因王温双腿残疾,王中健亲自手推其轮椅,共同进入对弈亭,此举赢得观众一片赞许。最终,王温技高一筹获得全国八强的一席之地。   节目中,两位“棋王”登场亮相的方式令人颇为意外,因王温双腿残疾,王中健亲自手推其轮椅,共同进入对弈亭,此举赢得观众一片赞许。经过猜先,王中健执黑先行。由于是快棋,开局阶段双方都选择用常见定式布局,黑棋下方选择迷你中国流追求布局速度。王温随即在右下先点后挂,打入黑阵。白48手扳强硬,黑49断表明态度不做退让。中盘战斗随即拉开序幕。数手交换之后,白棋下方棋子安定,黑棋面临选择。是连回左侧3子还是一手棋将右边6颗白子吃净?经过长考之后,黑61飞联络3子,白62手大跳逃出。随后双方互不相让,黑白两块棋在中腹缠斗。当白108拐,王中健109手出现重大失误,被白棋尖断将黑7子收入囊中,局势高下立判。官子阶段王中健手筋连发,试图缩小差距。但王温展现了很好的控制能力,将主动权牢牢的掌握在自己手中。弈至246手,王中健见无法贴目,无奈投子认负。   一番激烈对弈过后,晋级全国八强的王温颇为高兴的表示这盘棋下的非常爽,“中盘阶段对手有个地方看错了,尖下被我断掉。不过,前面布局都下得很好,突然出现了一个错误,被我抓住了。”对于之后的比赛,王温谦虚的表示八位棋手一定都是高手,“只会越来越难下,尽力而为。”   今年57岁的王温10个月大时因患小儿麻痹症,导致双腿残疾。因父亲会下围棋,经常邀约同事到家里杀两盘,行动不便的王温在一旁围观,就这样与围棋结下了不解之缘,而围棋也让王温感悟到生活和围棋的诸多相通之处。“每一手棋就像生活中的每一个决定,下一盘棋就如人的一生,重要的是享受过程。”如今的他担任王敬围棋道场教练,负责小班教棋。“享受和小孩子在一起的过程,又可以下棋,我觉得很快乐。” 邵炜刚和美女陈盈大盘讲解   本期节目依旧涵盖了丰富的围棋历史文化:《百家讲坛》主讲人康保成、中国艺术品鉴赏评估专家李国强与棋界高手汪见虹、时越纹枰论道,从“河图洛书”到班固的《弈旨》、老子的《道德经》,从白居易的“不信君看弈棋者,输赢须待局终头”到苏轼的“胜固欣然,败亦可喜”,种种文化历史,尽现洛阳与围棋的不解之缘,演绎深邃的棋之哲理。   2月13日(农历正月初六)14:35分,“谁是棋王”小组赛三亚站将如约在CCTV5与您见面,老年、航空、中央国家机关、海关四界别选手谁将获得全国八强的名额?敬请期待!相关的主题文章: