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Investing Are you approaching retirement with more than a little concern? Would you like to travel before you’re too old to enjoy it? Would you like to find a risk-free investment for your hard-earned money which will give you a guaranteed 13.5% return in the form of a nice monthly check? If you’re like me, you answered "Yes" to all three of those questions! And maybe also like me, you’ve been asking around and maybe researching safe, reliable, low-risk, and if at all possible, even guaranteed investments. Discouraged? I know I was. And who wants to settle for what the bank pays in interest on either their accounts or their CD’s? US treasuries pay next to nothing, right? And Bonds? They pay very little and can present a slight risk. What about the stock market? Way too volatile and risky… and what do you get? Maybe 3%, 4% or even a 5% return? Google to the rescue: If you can think of a question, Google seems to have the answer! So I asked a question about the best or highest paying investments, and found an intriguing ad for a high-paying investment return. It was not only a guaranteed 13.5% return, but was secured, insured and fully-managed. Sounded like one of those, "too-good-to-be-true" scenarios! But still, what if? So, I looked into it, and even went so far as to write to the state Attorney General’s office in Chicago, Illinois. I got a letter back, and was happy to learn that there were no complaints, so I took the plunge, and invested with them. I’m now a very happy customer of theirs and getting a check every 3 months for the guaranteed return I was promised. Now I definitely sleep better at night not worrying about how the stock market performs. I wanted to share my discovery with you here in this article. The website I found does an excellent job of explaining this in detail. You’ll find it below this article. As a side-note, it’s worth mentioning that I found this to be available internationally for either individuals or businesses; and being a U.S. citizen is not necessary in order to enjoy the benefits. What a refreshing change to discover that everything turned out to be as represented. Usually, a high rate of return demands high risk, but this really has proven to be the exception. Happy Investing, Steven Graham About the Author: Steven W. Graham is a writer and financial consultant for top of the line, high-yield investment opportunities. To discover the path to a risk-free, guaranteed 13.5% return, please visit .Intermodallease.com or .TropicxCo.. to begin. This rare find is available world-wide to either an individual or business. Copyright – Steven W. Graham. All Rights Reserved Worldwide. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: