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Why are you young had hair loss of grace? A hair to fall off, follow up, then buddies know every day how much hair is normal? To what extent do you need medical treatment? "The whole body, by the parents, afraid to damage, to the beginning of filial piety", this sentence from "filial piety" of the famous, is that we must take good care of yourself, of course, the hair will be included! However, in the hair care this thing, more and more small partners encountered trouble, the most typical problem is hair loss. Hair loss in the fall is more obvious, in fact, and the fall of the tree leaves, the weather is dry, water can not be timely supplement, resulting in reduced sebaceous gland secretion, causing dry hair and shedding. Every hair 100 or less normal hair is life, healthy hair life of 2 to 6 years, then entered the period of inactivity will fall off naturally, that is to say a hair hair loss means the end of the life cycle, new hair will grow. Hair girl off wig show bald, encouraging women to be confident so not all hair loss are sick, as long as the average daily number of hair loss is not more than 100, there are still the normal range of hair, so you don’t need too much anxiety for alopecia. Self testing TIP1 hair to wake up in the morning after waking up in the morning after the pillow on the pillow, look at the shedding of the hair, and then multiplied by 3, about hair loss is a day. TIP2 comb hair judgment hair loss to take a comb, comb from the forehead to the back of the head, combing 60 seconds, to observe the amount of hair loss, usually in the middle of the 10 is normal, the difference is too large to quickly seek medical treatment oh! Hair loss may be washed out 1 shampoo on the scalp to stimulate the scalp so much Oh, the correct way is to smear on the palm, rub out the bubbles, and then coated on the hair. 2 conditioner is not timely wash hair conditioner onto the scalp, easy to plug the pores, causing hair loss. The right approach: apply conditioner at least distance root 3CM Oh, at the same time to wash hair conditioner. 3 do not immediately dry if the hair is allowed to dry naturally, the process of hair cuticle will remain open state, easily blocked by dust in the air, etc.. Can use electric griddle dry hair surface water, and then cold stalls to blow, make the hair cuticle closed. 4 shampoo should be neutral or weak acid in the choice of shampoo focus to look at the pH, the alkaline decontamination ability is good, but irritating to the scalp and hair is too large, so the choice of neutral or weak acid will be more gentle. In addition to the choice of shampoo, shampoo on the frequency of the discussion is divided into two factions, one faction believes that less hair, because hair will be more wash more oil; there is a school of thought to wash, because the hair on the dirt accumulated to a certain extent will bring side effects. Shampoo frequency should be controlled within 2 to 3 days to wash a good, especially for those oil out of many people, every day shampoo is also acceptable. Smoking and drinking are detrimental to the health of the hair follicle, we still can not ignore the relationship between diet and healthy hair, like smoking, drinking, eating too greasy will damage the health of the hair follicle and hair follicle atrophy, once off, this hair loss is irreversible..相关的主题文章: