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Reference-and-Education The future of a nation is built in its schools We call our teachers ‘nation builders’. Their primary role is to nurture the talent in children and prepare them to be.e responsible citizens and contribute to the growth of their nation. Now the primary challenge that we as a country are facing today is that of a sheer lack of leadership qualities in our teachers. Teachers have to have leadership qualities; here is why: Teachers are often the role models of our children. And therefore, they have to be their best versions. School heads, in particular, have to be skilled enough to seek synergies in the efforts put forward by their school teachers and students. They have to have conversational skills; and more importantly, they have to have the leadership qualities to lead change in and around their classrooms and schools. School leadership training programs .e to the rescue A school leadership training programme prepares teachers / school heads to be more productive in their job roles, and tackle the leadership / administrative challenges more effectively. A customized school leadership training programme may last for a couple of days and involve many activities that promote leadership qualities in the participants. Today’s highly customized school leadership training programmes can bring about a 360-degree transformation in the way school heads interact with their teachers and drive change in and around their schools. Educational boards, like CBSE, have taken onboard several top leadership training .panies to train the heads of their institutions (schools). What do training .panies have to say about these school leadership training programmes? The top leadership training .panies in Delhi are highly optimistic about the effectiveness of a school leadership training programme. However, they have a few words of caution for schools / educational boards: "first things first, the schools must not choose a training partner that has not conducted a leadership training programme before; we re.mend professional training .panies that have been delivering proven trainings to corporates and schools for years. Second, schools need to ask for customized training programs. When we say customized, we mean the school leadership training programme .pany should conduct a needs-diagnostic study first or at least should have a clear understanding of the areas where the participants (school heads) lack and what would work best for them." In addition to a school leadership training programme, the school heads need to interact more with their teachers and students. The frequent .munication sessions would enable a school head take decisions that would resonate better with the needs of school staff and students. Last, but certainly not the least, if we are to build a nation we could be proud of for many more decades, we have to work on our schools, the way they are operated. And the sooner we get on to the work, the better it would likely to be. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: