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Software There was a time when most of us just had one password to log on to our .puters, but now it seems that we each have dozens or even hundreds of passwords that are stored on our .puters. Whether they are to give you access to a particular part of the network or to your favorite online store, most of us rely on those passwords being stored on our .puters. The problem with this is if your .puter goes down, you will lose access to a lot of the sites you regularly utilize. The importance of drive image software has never been more than today, with so many people relying on their .puters for just about everything. Whether you are in charge of a huge network or just a few home .puters, if you don’t have a backup system in place, you could not only lose access to all of those passwords, but also user settings, permissions and all of your data as well. Few of us could continue without constant access to that information. Drive image software works much like traditional backup software does, but it also backs up applications and important user settings. So instead of just backing up the latest versions of documents on your network, you will always have a .plete mirror image of your network, ready to copy over if something goes wrong. For larger networks, this is an enormous time saver. But even if you are running a home .puter or a couple of .puters in a small business, it is equally time consuming to reload applications, re-set permissions and get everything back to normal again. With drive image software, that won’t be an issue for you, and you will be able to recover everything on your .puters as they were, in a matter of minutes. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: