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Why in the supermarket freezer temperature milk? Businesses suspected of induced consumption – a Sohu in the supermarket news a lot of imported milk at room temperature is put in the refrigerator in the sale of dairy products photography reporter Dong Xin (reporter Dong Xin Zhang Xiaomei) recently, Australia from several batches of imported low-temperature pasteurized milk because multiple detection of Escherichia coli and other bacteria exceed the standard, by the national certification and Accreditation Administration suspended registration problem of enterprises in China, and for all Australian exports to China Pakistan low milk enterprise comprehensive supervision. Imported pasteurized milk once again aroused widespread concern of consumers. Beijing Youth Daily reporter visited a number of supermarkets found that some packaging marked "room temperature" of imported milk appears in the freezer, this seemingly subtle way is not the goods on display for businesses, or other ways? BYD reporter conducted a thorough investigation. Pasteurized milk at low temperature is more favored by consumers, pasteurized milk, pasteurized milk, pasteurized milk, short shelf life, need refrigeration. This sterilization method can maximize the retention of nutrients in milk and fresh flavor, and because it is refrigerated, do not need to add preservatives, really fresh nutrition and safety, and therefore favored by consumers. Normal temperature milk for high temperature sterilization of milk, without refrigeration, storage at room temperature, and shelf life of up to 3-6 months. However, because of ultra high temperature treatment, some of the milk will not be damaged by the heat resistant nutrients. In contrast, pasteurized milk prices higher, but for fresh, nutrient rich reserves and other reasons, consumers are still willing to buy expensive pasteurized milk, if coupled with the "import milk" logo, then add a layer of "halo". Freezer to sneak a lot of imported milk at room temperature in a large supermarket in Qingnian Road, Ms. Tian is the public before the purchase of imported milk freezer, Angaur, d’ya, Oude fort and other various local and imported milk are boxed three yuan, Mengniu and other bags, bottled pasteurized milk together with sales, Ms. Tian found after BYD reporter reminded, in the hands of New Zealand imported a brand of milk in the box left small letters "ultra high temperature treatment, not that she wanted" pasteurized milk ", and there is no need to chill in the warranty period. Not only is this New Zealand Ms. Tian selected a certain brand of milk, BYD reporter found that nearly ten kinds of imported milk in the supermarket freezer is in the high temperature sterilization of milk, and not consumers think of pasteurized milk, "I know the bus milk must be refrigerated, so the purchase of imported pasteurized milk is to see if it is put in the freezer, did not carefully read the label." Ms. Tian said. The import of pasteurized milk shelf-life "double" BYD reporter also found that the same local pasteurized milk, pasteurized milk shelf-life mostly in 10 days, the import of pasteurized milk shelf-life is two to four times the domestic similar product shelf life. The common domestic supermarket packaged pasteurized milk for example, three yuan acme organic fresh milk for a period of 7 days, another Yanqing area belong to the original production of organic milk shelf life is 7 days, but in the marked "milk products imported pasteurized milk", New Zealand imported KOHA original Pakistan.相关的主题文章: