Why Let Accidents Rule Your Life-aizi

Insurance The only constant in life is change. Sometimes, change is good: a job promotion, your child topping his school in his exams, your spouse getting an excellent job in a foreign countryBut some changes is horrendous, causing heartbreak and misery. A home lost to bad debts, an illness forcing you to stop working, your parents suffering ill health are just some examples. There is no way to stop bad things from happening to us. At the most, we can take these events in our stride and keep living on. But what happens when an unfortunate event shatters not just your peace of mind but turns the entire house upside down? For instance, a road accident makes three things happen: 1) It causes you injury 2) It ruins your car 3) It might make you liable for litigation if the accident is caused by your negligence. The financial repercussions of all three eventualities are tremendous. Just one visit to the hospital can wipe out your bank balance, with hospitalisation and treatment costs being very high in India. Besides, you may suffer a temporary or permanent loss of in.e after an accident. What will your loved ones do after you are absent from their lives? How will the home expenses be paid if there is no in.e at the end of the month? Hence, taking a good personal accident insurance policy is the key to ensuring that despite a serious accident, ones loved ones may be protected from the financial setbacks caused by it. A personal accident policy covers the cost of repairing damages to the car, paying for hospitalisation for injuries of the car owner and another car owner injured in an accident, post-surgical treatment, etc. Some personal accident policies cover the loss of in.e due to an accident and the modification required to the family vehicle to ac.modate the disabled policy holder. Taking accidental insurance sorts out the financial burdens associated with an accident hospitalisation, treatment, car damage and litigation. It is the best way to ensure that an accident on the road does not turn into a permanent setback for the policy holder and his family members. You could be the most careful driver in the world, but you cannot account for accidents caused by somebody else negligence or the sudden appearance of a jaywalker on the road. Thus, accident insurance is an excellent safety . for the future. Also, it helps put your loved ones minds at ease every time you take the wheel. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: