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Reference-and-Education Many people are going for their teacher certification. In California, many people are concerned with helping their .munity. People are getting their California teacher certification so that they can help their old schools. Other people just want to make sure the next generation is going to be taken care of. Of course some people find that when they are teaching others, they are learning something themselves as well. Many people go to public schools and .e out of it thinking that if they were teachers, then things would be different. Getting their California teacher certification can be first step in proving that true. Often, public schools can lack in quality of education for several reasons. In bad areas, it can be hard to get quality teachers. Also sometimes the students behave in such a manner as to prevent a proper education. People that get their California teacher certification and want to make a change can really affect a .munity. Everyone has seen a movie where an innovative teacher .es into the worst city class room and .pletely changes the lives of those kids. Some people who get California teacher certification are not looking to make some kind of drastic change, but instead to bolster an already great .munity. Some people are big fans of their home school. There are many schools that are in great .munities with amazing faculty and strong traditions. A school that has an annual field day may have specific traditions and games that are played. A person may have very strong feelings about making sure that it is available for future students. A student growing up and having strong school pride may decide that what they really want to do in life is to take care of the next generation. They get their California teacher certification so that they can continue to teach with the same quality they themselves had received. Some people find that by teaching others, they are enriching themselves as well. Getting your California teacher certification can be a great way to pursue this cycle. A person that thinks that there is nothing left for them to learn is truly ignorant after all. There is a big difference between the old math teachers that will not listen to students about short cuts on a .puter versus the old teacher willing to listen to his or her students. These days, younger people in general know more about .puters. There is always something to be learned from students even if it is not new information. Getting your California teacher certification can mean that you are opening yourself up to new possibilities and human interaction. When a teacher rewards a usually bad student for a job well done, the students reaction may be surprising. That student may change .pletely and that interaction could open a teachers mind to new possibilities. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: