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Real-Estate Most of us think of timeshares as a lifetime commitment, but many people choose to sell their timeshare property after just a few years. If youre thinking of selling your timeshare, or youd like to buy second hand, read on. 1. Has the resort changed? The timeshare boom was a while ago, when many resorts werent as developed as they are today. Cheap flights and last-minute deals on accommodation mean that most resorts are easily accessible and attract tourists from all over Europe. This in turn can mean that the little resort that you loved when you bought your timeshare has now turned into a full-on 24-hour resort, and youre not comfortable holidaying there. 2. Have your circumstances changed? If you had a young family when you bought your timeshare, or you bought as a couple and youre now single, then the timeshare may not be the most appropriate way for you to spend your holiday time. Older children require different attractions and activities, or choose not to holiday with you at all, in which case your timeshare apartment may seem too big. If you are single, a timeshare apartment may not be the way you want to holiday any more. Selling your timeshare may enable you to have more freedom in your holiday time. 3. Do you need to release money? Although you are unlikely to get as much money for your timeshare as you spent when you bought it, selling will still produce some capital that you can use elsewhere. If you need to invest more money in a pension fund, or you want a deposit for another property, or you need to release cash for work on your own home, selling your timeshare might be a solution. Whatever your reasons for deciding to sell your timeshare property, you will need an experienced agent to help you through, and to ensure that you get the best price and spend the least amount possible in fees. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: