Winter, the company logistics jam for employees who work overtime to buy a set of Z zegna- science a-kaya scodelario

Winter, the company logistics jam for employees who work overtime to buy a set of Z ZEGNA- technology Sohu below zero clouds. Hey, guess who I am, today I am not small oh… This article is me! Jam, written by the king of the exclusive external customer service, from now on to become a master! After all, today is about fashion, like how the second straight will understand this hardware? So neither coquettish nor bitch. I call… Recently, the weather is getting colder and colder, I do not know the difference between friends Tim clothes. The night of Hangzhou has cooled down to single digits, while the poor king, second, Shichao every day to 23:59 as we push the free, take care of their own. They looked thin back to tapping the keyboard, decided to purchase a batch of jam coat, in terms of logistical support poor sealing Jun bounced excuse. So jam has been particularly concerned about men’s information. Until that November 1st – No. 7 in Shanghai Huanmao iapm mall has a Z ZEGNA 2016 winter "self release style" a fashion show, and handsome Jiang Jinfu back. Jam went to Shanghai. When it comes to the scene, jam is attracted to the main stage of the eye-catching Z ZEGNA, because both sides of the stage is placed in a dynamic human model! People die in Jiang kifo and dynamic appearance, dynamic human model also "all" with Fu Zi qiangjing. Jiang Jinfu is in sync with the dynamic human modeling (unfortunately the jam doesn’t make any sense to the star)". In addition to dynamic human model, as well as virtual sample clothing screen, AR experience device. So it can be said that this is the most fashionable science and technology exhibition. Jiang Jinfu field experience virtual sample screen, enjoy the freedom of collocation, the effect of immediate replacement on the day, Jiang Jinfu is wearing Z ZEGNA 2016 winter series Icon Warmer embroidered jacket, known as the "first through technical innovation to support the integration of the built-in radio heating system into the clothing to the conversion of science and technology". Simply put, this is a wireless charging and heating "intelligent" jacket! Of all science and technology interested in how to miss it? After visiting a round of fashion show, jam did not hesitate to buy a navy blue Icon Warmer coat back to find out what. Poor person once said "jam with external more simple, internal There is much fineness in it". So bad, Z ZEGNA is also so. Z ZEGNA portable bag Z ZEGNA YISHION black as the background, with the brand name, simple and direct, but without losing the intimate details of the design. It can be portable dust bag, waterproof material, equipped with a hanger, so jam from Shanghai to carry all the way back to Hangzhou’s navy blue Icon Warmer coat is still flat version. Equipped with racks, double zipper, convenient storage and storage "leisure and stable".相关的主题文章: