Women online repair Apple 6S mobile phone ticket also fell 350 yuan in Beijing-oboni

Women online repair apple 6S mobile phone ticket also fell to 350 yuan of new network in Northeast news network August 26th working in Daqing Wu Leilei (a pseudonym), apple 6S mobile phone is broken, need to unlock. In July 25th, she searched the Internet to unlock the way, in an apple 6S post bar to see a post, said the phone is specially repaired, it added the above WeChat and QQ. In WeChat, Wu Leilei explained to each other their own cell phone, the other said it can be repaired, so she sent the phone in the past. Then gave her an address, is Jiangsu Province, Changzhou city clock tower post circuit rich sea communication. Wu Leilei express, will be mailed to the other side of the phone. August 1st, the other told WeChat through Wu Leilei, the phone repaired, let her transfer 350 yuan maintenance fee. Wu Leilei agreed. The other said that the day of her cell phone back. However, a few days, Wu Leilei did not receive the phone, she contacted WeChat and the other side, and found that the other side was deleted. She went up to QQ and found that the other party had deleted her. Anti flicker expert team of experts, the Municipal Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Detachment six Criminal Investigation Brigade Deputy captain Guo Yu reminded the public that the mobile phone needs to be repaired, the best go to a regular store, do not rely on Internet website maintenance. Some scammers in the online post, set phishing sites, specifically for fraud, the public needs to be vigilant. (Hua Hua)相关的主题文章: