Women’s looks ugly netizens see mainland high school but for P map (map)-nibbuns

Women’s looks ugly netizens see mainland high school but help P figure (Figure) mainland women group Sunshine accused by the ugly "breakout". (source: Hongkong "Ming Pao" website) has 4 members of Love-wings to Sunshine in the afternoon. (online picture) Sunshine Sunshine combination Sunshine combination of new women’s Sunshine photo original title: Hong Kong media: mainland high school women’s looks ugly but to help Internet users watch " P map " (map) reference news network February 15th Hong Kong media reported that Japan and South Korea have a lot of women’s groups, with youth and beauty by performing arts favor, but the mainland a named "Sunshine". And members are too ugly, that appearance is not fine, not the song dance and high-profile, the micro-blog red burst. Hongkong "Ming Pao Daily News website reported on February 15th, the women’s team consists of 5 high school girls, the establishment of the official micro-blog share publicity photos, causing hot Internet users immediately. And another from the northeast, looks very ordinary members of women’s "Love-wings" to Sunshine in the afternoon, hoping to compete. Reported that 5 members of Sunshine are Cindy, Dora, team captain Abby, Nancy and Cheryl, their official debut in December last year, launched the first single "sweet" type out now. The official Sunshine micro-blog has accumulated 150 thousand fans, but many users think they have become the object of public opinion, purely because of "poor appearance," said the manager of the company needs more please hand for their promotional photos PS (Graphic), launched to help them "P map" craze. Reported that another group intends to challenge the Sunshine Love-wings by 4 with an average age of 18 year old girl, all from the northeast of Liaoning, as early as October 2014 has become the group. Users see Love-wings under the gauntlet, Vladimir "in the ugly", "Yan Yan to value no value, no strength to strength", and refers to the two women’s standard, "I can debut", "please let us", online almost one-sided message is described. But many people scold, two girl group more attention. And Love-wings is not discouraged, said on micro-blog, "we know that we are not beautiful, but in order to dream of learning hard, but also because of weight loss fainted, eager to one day with their own sweat and efforts to dream of beautiful fruit."". Editor in chief: Liu Debin SN222

内地高中女团长相太丑 网民看不过帮P图(图) 内地女子团体Sunshine被指靠丑“突围”。(图片来源:香港《明报》网站) 有4名成员的Love-wings向Sunshine下战书。 (网上图片) Sunshine组合 Sunshine组合 Sunshine组合 新女团Sunshine合影   原标题:港媒:内地高中女团长相太丑 网民看不过帮"P图"(图)   参考消息网2月15日报道 港媒称,中日韩都有不少女子团体组合,以青春貌美而获演艺界垂青,但内地一个名为“Sunshine”的女团,有成员却被指其貌算丑、歌不精、舞不湛而备受瞩目,日前在微博爆红。   香港《明报》网站2月15日报道,该女团由5位高中女生组成,设立了官方微博分享宣传照,随即引起网民热议。而另一个来自东北、成员样貌极平凡的女团“Love-wings”,则向Sunshine下战书,希望一较高下。   报道称,Sunshine的5名成员分别是队长Abby、队员Cindy、Dora、Nancy和Cheryl,她们于去年12月正式出道,推出了首支单曲《甜蜜具现式》。   Sunshine的官方微博已累积了15万粉丝,不过不少网民认为,她们之所以成为舆论对象,纯粹是因为“长相不佳”,更称该间经理公司需要请专人为他们的宣传照PS(修图),又发起帮她们“P图”的热潮。   报道称,另一个打算挑战Sunshine的女团Love-wings则由4位平均年龄18岁的女孩组成,全来自东北辽宁,早于2014年10月已成团。   网友见Love-wings下战帖后,狠批“是在比丑吗”、“要颜值没颜值,要实力没实力”,又指按该两个女团的标准,“我都能出道了”、“请放过我们吧”,网上几乎一面倒是毒舌留言,但愈多人骂,两个女团就愈受到关注。   而Love-wings并不气馁,在微博上坦言“我们知道我们不漂亮,但是为了圆梦努力学习才能,还一度因为减肥晕倒,渴望有一天能用自己的汗水和努力为梦想结成美丽的果实”。 责任编辑:刘德宾 SN222相关的主题文章: