Wu Xiaohui Wenzhou open behind economic implications of overseas investment profits 3edyy

Wu Xiaohui Wenzhou open behind economic implications of overseas investment profit is Feng Wen Liu Peng rarely appeared in public, Ampang insurance group Wu Xiaohui, recently appeared in the fourth World Congress in Wenzhou. He used more than 1 thousand words in length, to the presence of more than 1300 Wenzhou academic circles, politicians, business elite made a keynote speech. In his speech, Wu Xiaohui praised the "way of doing business in Wenzhou, said the Wenzhou business model" is the essence of the "win-win" word. He takes in recent years overseas investment Ampang pile as an example, said with a "win-win" concept, Ampang bought nearly five hundred billion yuan of the total assets of the insurance enterprise hundred years old Vivat with 1 euros, the earnings losses of 800 million yuan, profit of 4 billion 300 million yuan in the first half of this year. In Korea, the Oriental life-insurance company acquired within short time Ampang made profits and business doubled. Wu Xiaohui in his speech for the Wenzhou economy. He said that Wenzhou’s spirit of hard work can make Wenzhou win today, win tomorrow. And people who think Wenzhou’s economy is not the same, "like some people who don’t understand China’s theory of China’s collapse." Tencent finance noted that this is the second time Wu Xiaohui delivered a speech in public. The last time he was at the Harvard University, in the world’s top universities, describes the acquisition behind the New York Waldorf Astoria Ampang insurance group to Harvard students. Since Anbang insurance was founded in 2004, its total assets reached about 19710 billion yuan. Current business covers property insurance, life insurance, health insurance, pension insurance, asset management, financial leasing, banking, insurance sales, insurance brokerage and other services. More interesting is the Ampang in overseas markets frequently shot. Except in North America acquired multiple real estate projects, Ampang also bought a number of overseas financial institutions in the United States, Belgium, dabbled in Holland and South korea. These financial institutions are: Belgium insurance firms FIDEA and delta · Lloyd (Delta Lloyd Bank); Bank of Holland VIVAT insurance company, and South Korea Japan and South Korea Allianz life life. More exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).相关的主题文章: