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Xi’an Daming Palace way home, away from the big Tang Dynasty near some Sohu of Xi’an tourism, a carrying too much heavy sense of history of the city, the most popular is that a colourful plumage, Daming Palace, near Huaqing Hot Spring, everywhere is the Tang Dynasty leave the eternal ruins. In such a natural capital, not known, here, need to meditate, every inch of land at the foot of the feelings. Abandon high star hotel, just want to be more appropriate to feel the unique charm of the city. Stay the way home real DAMINGGONG Wanda landscape bed self, is to have in this bustling city under close to relive those history. From booking to stay, the way home has always been adhering to the fast and convenient, but also when the hotel reservation information received additional directions carefully, even if you came to this place for the first time, it will not be confused, what you want, very smooth on the four floor of the hotel to the reception, service personnel are reported to active and enthusiastic attitude, make a person very comfortable. In front of the hotel to see a lot of urine, are some of the main attractions and transportation hub in Xi’an. Every place to ride, how to walk, there are detailed instructions, although the information age, we have a lot of high-tech products can lead us to go to any place, but this kind of authentic way actually makes us feel very warm. Most of the time we will be a place where people love a city, but also because of some small details like a hotel. The hotel had to say such a considerate to let people to it immediately favor multiplication, Meng Meng’s hermit crab also seems to want to tell you: will live here, such as hermit crabs love their nest, love here, do not want to leave. After finishing in admitted into the room, immediately jumped to the 1.8 m bed up a close contact, in addition to white bedding, pillow and bed towel with traditional imperiality color: yellow, in such a city, occasionally reminiscent of the royal prerogative of the crown, the Dragon Robe, yellow jacket, those intertwined the pattern blocks also let people see the silk and satin, pottery. The picture is a landscape map, the typical Tang style elegant, but I always thought nameless " Qingming "that some flourish, although sigh but also to those corners carved a different mark, even the air seemed filled with the breath of epic. Out of the way, the most afraid is to change the dirty clothes can not handle. There is nothing to worry about, automatic drum washing machine from all your worries, and the room also prepared a washing powder, easily, I just sit down and watch TV, just like in their own home. This sense of home is not only relaxing, but also to those who are not accustomed to change the place to live a good choice. And all kinds of kitchen utensils, range hood, refrigerator configuration is to make the journey you can cook, make their favorite meals. Even at night, you can also like at home, cook a snack, enjoy the delicacy of happiness. Washroom space is not large, but wuzangjuquan. Disposable toiletries neatly on the table wash box, towel, bath towel, soap, shower gel, needed for.相关的主题文章: