Xingtai bench tough business for 33 years and apprentices 40 people take the road of happiness (

Xingtai "bench tough" business for 33 years and apprentices 40 people take the road of happiness (Figure) – Beijing new network in Xingtai in October 14, (Zhang Pengxiang Li Tiechui Sun Ruichao) "when I was 1 years old because of high fever caused by lumbar deformity of lower limbs. Grew up only to the bench as legs, supported by the front bench, which is 33 years ago, I move forward step by step. But I never give in to fate, because I believe that as long as I work hard, happiness is at my feet." Hebei province Longyao County, South Gate Village Li Qingmin said. Every morning, Li Qingmin will be on the bench, a move to move into his factory, the first thing a day cleaning, this habit he insisted for 30 years, the rain does not stop. "Used to stick, not easy, always tripped up." Li Qingmin said. This is a disabled person, by the unremitting self-improvement to create their own battery assembly, such as the income of nearly 300 thousand yuan this year. After getting rich, he worried about other people with disabilities, has taught more than 40 people from living. People called him a "tough guy off the bench". Walk, repair equipment, business, and even the toilet, Li Qingmin never left the bench. One of his hands every day in the above in a long time, the stool surface is worn more and more thin, even through grinding. Long time walking on the stool, his hands had changed. The hands were splayed, bending arm has become. Palm, a layer of hard cocoon. 8 every day, the workers will continue into the plant, a dozen workers in his factory, are disabled. Li Qingmin will work with the workers every day, hands to teach workers to assemble the battery. The 26 year old Du Longfei is a deaf mute, technically it is difficult, but Li Qingmin quickly use sign language to communicate with him, to help him overcome the difficulties. Sign language is a special subject." Li Qingmin said, the factory to a deaf person, and they find it difficult to communicate. Let them take the tools, they always take the wrong, both sides are worried. To this end, Li Qingmin nothing happens on the communication and deaf people, over and over again to learn sign language gestures. Normal people will be about half a year, a year of deaf apprentices." Knowing that they were not easy, Li Qingmin taught them very patiently. Now, Li Qingmin has been professor of more than 40 workers free from some of the people after graduation in Beijing, Shenzhen opened a shop. "Every year, people often come to see me." Li Qingmin proudly said that the Mid Autumn Festival disciple Li Hongwei brought him the Beijing roast duck. Starting in 1983, after more than 30 years of hard work, a total of 18 people with disabilities to help the employment of the apprentice to the people of the 40. These disabled people in different positions to go to school to get rich technology, laid the foundation for their own business. "I am thinking is to recruit more people with disabilities, let them know, although we disabled, but we will not be frightened by fate, as long as there is perseverance, as long as you work hard, happy road at our feet." Li Qingmin said. (end)相关的主题文章: