Yan is the 11 most valuable eye edge camera winbook

Yan double 11 has the most value is king "margin of the eye" camera once a year "chop hand Festival" Oh no "double 11" again, look at the camera friends must also take advantage of this, price concessions, awesome gifts attractive opportunity to buy buy buy! So what do you value most when you pick a camera? Is the higher pixel sensor, better or sensitive fast focusing system, or an alarming number of shooting speed of these professional performance? Or you embarrassed to say "I am a control, all look at the face"? Never mind, anyway, now cheap, out of pocket can justly as yen value! Today we recommend several high color value, eusensing camera. Both professional performance also play on Yan Yan value value, Fuji always has an absolute advantage, even if it is released this year, two professional flagship, in addition to the excellent performance, value is the way ahead. Among them, Fuji X-T2 the biggest bright spot is the focus, more high-speed continuous shooting performance, Fuji X series of the first support 4K models, designs, and the class warships head SLR Fuji X-Pro2 is tough and handsome; by retro rangefinder design, hybrid optical viewfinder, color and details of the higher degree of reduction capture fans of the heart. 11 a lot of concessions, not to pick ~ send 32G card + original leather Fuji X-PRO2 retro micro single body price: 11490 yuan in addition to the high value of Yan retro shape, the main professional core performance and high speed upgrade, but also Fuji X-Pro2 X-T2 are based on their previous generations shared metamorphosis. From X-Pro2 X-T2, we can see the Fuji camera manufacturing level move a step, equipped with a new 24 million 300 thousand pixel APS-C format CMOS and X Processor Pro image processor, with faster image processor and evolutionary version of the menu. Send 32G card + original leather Fuji X-T2 price: 10799 yuan in the yen value on the basis of here, each one has its own merits, suggestions are more likely to capture moving objects photographed photography enthusiasts, select focus shooting performance more powerful, high performance mode blessing of Fuji X-T2, professional requirements higher, even need to purchase another VPB-XT2 handle it is worthwhile to take the money. Fuji X-Pro2 is more suitable for the pursuit of high quality, like street photography, or the feelings have their own unique insights, and fond of paraxial love Fuji fans, X-Pro2 can bring you better photography experience. To say in the professional performance of the anti shake performance and take into account the high value of the camera, you can not mention the OLYMPUS E-M10 Mark II. Obama will be advanced five axis stabilization system with OM-D E-M10 Mark II, which became the first anti shake ability with this entry-level interchangeable lens camera. In the ideal state, the five axis anti shake system can shoot up to 4 shutter speed of efficient anti shake compensation to improve the success rate of hand-held shooting. In addition, the powerful M4 3 lens group is fully equipped with this machine ~!相关的主题文章: