Yangtze River bridge increased after the closure of motorcycle through river tunnel situation-noiseware

Yangtze River bridge has closed after the motorcycle through river tunnel is increased in October 28th Yangtze River bridge closed, the Yangtze River tunnel, the Yangtze River Tunnel and Yangtze River Bridge Guojiangtongdao become the main vehicle. Modern Express reporter learned from Nanjing traffic control department, the three Guojiangtongdao traffic has increased in different degrees. At the same time, non motor vehicles, motorcycles and trucks through Yellow River tunnel have occurred. In this regard, the traffic control department said will be part of the new traffic control measures. Correspondent Deng Jing Ning Jiaoxuan Modern Express reporter Wang Rui ZAKER of Nanjing Yangtze River Tunnel average daily traffic over 100 thousand it is reported that Yangtze River bridge is closed, the main effect of traffic flow on the Yangtze River tunnel, October 28th 18 to 29, 18, the Yangtze River tunnel traffic flow of 97401 vehicles, compared with the previous day, the growth of 41.16%, average daily traffic the flow of the Yangtze River tunnel has more than 100 thousand vehicles. On November 10th, the Second Yangtze River Bridge, the Yangtze River Bridge traffic in October 26th before the closure of bridge increase of 1 cars, up 16.88%. At present, Yangtze River bridge closed after the Yangtze River tunnel effect is relatively small, from October 29th to November 10th, the Yangtze River Tunnel total flow of 1 million 177 thousand and 500 vehicles, compared with the October 16-10 month 28 days before the closure of an additional 158 thousand and 300 cars, traffic growth of 15.53%. Even the day, Nanjing municipal traffic management departments to take various traffic management measures, including the optimization of Jiangnan Jiangbei Road Network, road widening transformation bottleneck 21, key sections, Pudong to the intersection of Pearl Road intersection by two-way 6 lanes to 8 lanes, additional bus lanes. The Siping Road Xiao Jie original fixed parking adjustment for night temporary parking spaces, increase monitoring inputs, additional traffic signs, additional electronic information display system, 23 floor traffic diversion guide signs in the creation of the Jiangbei main road, the traffic police brigade police deployed to provide a full time adjustment, police security, the implementation of many comprehensive measures ensure all Guojiangtongdao, overall smooth traffic order. Increase the river tunnel control measures because of the two tunnel traffic increase, traffic accidents also increased in the corresponding time period, especially in the morning and evening peak, some drivers to race against time, import and export, cut in the tunnel, causing traffic accidents. From October 28th to November 6th, the traffic control department of the Yangtze River Tunnel with various alarm 169, which broke down 22, rub accident 44, abnormal parking (without any stop for 30 seconds or more) 98. Site investigation into the tunnel broke the illegal 47, of which the motorcycle from the beginning of the 9 large cars, the field of cars from the beginning of the 11; advised from non motorized vehicles from the 7 onwards, from the beginning of the 5. In order to reduce accidents, ensure a smooth and orderly import vehicles, according to the "People’s Republic of China road traffic safety law" "Jiangsu road traffic safety regulations" and other laws and regulations, the traffic control department of Nanjing on the Yangtze River tunnel, the Yangtze River tunnel traffic traffic control measures, add the following: Yellow trucks, motorcycles, electric cars and other non motor vehicles can not pass in the Yangtze River tunnel, the Yangtze River tunnel. The traffic control department will be set in accordance with the law to strengthen the education of traffic signs, traffic control area of the forbidden line.相关的主题文章: