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Yanzhao Evening News: a professional gaming also need to accept the market test – View – people.com.cn original title: gaming into professional need to accept the market test has been criticized by people, that is "work" and "abandoned their studies" e-sports, finally by name, will have the opportunity to enter the high school classroom. In September 2nd, occupation education and Adult Education Department of the Ministry of Education issued the "notice" on 2017 higher school enrollment professional occupation to declare the work, published 13 additional professional in 2016, including "E-sports and management", which belongs to the category of education and sports sports. (September 8th "Beijing News") included in the category of electronic athletics occupation college admissions professional, first of all is not a bad thing, it objectively makes some colleges occupation and an independent recruitment and training of occupation skill areas. Of course, E-sports has been criticized by society, that is a legacy of youth games. However, it is the game by teenagers love, with a strong consumer market, which spawned a game development platform to promote the competition and play online games, online games and other derivative products, such as film the huge industrial chain, resulting in a large number of practitioners, including electronic athletics occupation, amateur staff. Aimed at the social needs of the occupation, the game into the professional education, the general direction is not wrong. However, as a professional gaming even applauded may not be popular, is a serious professional elite, also have hot and cold points, popular professional competition, and popular professional lifetime. There is no doubt that the gaming inspection professionals also need to accept the market. First of all, it must be the psychological point of the students, especially the parents. It is worth noting that the game was included in the professional game, the game is not a broad sense of the professional profession, but belongs to the sports category. Of course, the game is good, competitive worth mentioning, all belong to the broad sense of sports, classified understandable. If only located in sports practitioners training, a relatively narrow range of employment, two sport culture and campus education is completely different, with competition. So, it is inevitable to play professional into a professional play impression. Secondly, it is necessary to pass the online game industry demand. The online games industry links is great, but involves many majors, such as computer, electronic equipment, animation, online games and sports anchor, marketing, electronic game professional game player and game, is not only a sport, it is a form of game promotion. What talent needs of the industry, what kind of professionalism, as well as the selection of personnel and practitioners, training in what form, has its inherent requirements. If only a single video game practitioners training, I am afraid that the industry talent demand is not high. Electronic sports included in the directory of professional occupation colleges, but only to a "birth certificate", can truly become the professional occupation education, also need occupation colleges, the online games industry, the gaming industry association, strengthen cooperation, starting from the needs of industry occupation, enrich the connotation of professional design, professional teaching, explore training mode finally, through the test of the market, the hugely popular, in addition to the actual layout of Vocational Education)相关的主题文章: