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Yixing tea on how to remove stubborn stains, it Yixing tea clean many methods, but not necessarily effective. So what are the effective ways to clean these stubborn stains easily? A lot of steps to clean Yixing tea pots friends cleaning stubborn stains with more than 84 disinfectant, but as a day of drinking something teapot, or choose some safer products more comfortable with denture cleanser. Soak the teapot into a large container filled with warm water. The clean ingot into the pot 1-2, 2-3 outside the pot, according to how much can be adjusted to the amount of dirt, foam will be produced after soaking. 24 hours after the cleaning step two Yixing tea soak, manual cleaning kitchen use 100 clean cloth or cotton bubble, together with the outside dirt wipe, and then rinse with water and teapot Yixing cup. Clean tea in step three above process is completed, also feel clean, can use toothpaste on your toothbrush on the pot body, wait 10 minutes after the brush again, after cleaning. Note that the details of the goods take Yixing tea and more complicated, so you can choose between clean toothbrush or needle to clean. Clean tea with hot water will finally step four hot pot inside a few times, remove the clean taste, an old pot will take on an altogether new aspect. Yixing tea after long-term use, if you do not often pay attention to clean, there must be thick tea stain and dirt accumulation in the pot inside, not only affect the appearance and health is not smooth, and the longer the time of deposition of dirt to clean. Tea contains a variety of metals, such as cadmium, lead, iron, arsenic and mercury. If you do not remove them at tea time these metals will enter the body, and is rich in protein, fat and vitamins and other nutritional compounds, formation of insoluble, hinder the absorption of nutrients; harmful substances in the scale into the body, may cause nervous, digestive, urinary system diseases and hematopoietic dysfunction; tea the arsenic, cadmium, nitrite and other carcinogenic, cause fetal malformations, health hazards; tea contains carcinogenic substances such as nitrite, drinking in the digestive system, easily and is rich in protein, fatty acids and vitamins are combined into a variety of harmful substances, but also make the nerve, gastrointestinal and other organs damaged, or even cause human premature aging.相关的主题文章: