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Zhang Jike Lang Ping was the classic poetry he "Party member introduction" the Journal of Sohu in Beijing a sports after Zhang Jike on the misty poetry "is that the table tennis delay poet", today, Zhang Jike’s identity as a poet once again get official certification. The Rio Olympics Chinese women volleyball team, Zhang Jike has worked in micro-blog wrote to congratulate Lang Ping coach, September 12th little watercress friends broke the news, the poem has been "classics" Journal of Party members. "Party Classics" is a new generation of Party books sponsored by the research center of Shanghai party culture, red classic, classic culture and career essentials as a whole, is the ideological and cultural party to Party members, Party members and young white-collar activists as the main object of reading, reading. As a rookie in poetry of Zhang Jike’s poems, this road is undoubtedly a thick and heavy in colours. Therefore, all users have sent congratulatory messages to congratulate. At the same time, Zhang Jike published a Book of poetry is also rising, impatient users even poems cover for Koko design well, covering a variety of style. This feeling of sadness in the literary atmosphere to overflow the screen…… All of the major elements of Zhang Jike are complete, but the lack of fluorescent and blue shoes. Blue shoes, blue shoes. This is an absolute science aesthetic. This design is the most deep in my heart, famous for "the Qingdao leisure day I convenient to do the back cover, the cover photo is especially a poet. Or just decide this? However, a netizen is not satisfied with the cover, they even become a poet Zhang Jike transformation after Baidu entry are introduced to be good: Zhang Jike, male, a famous contemporary poet. Shandong Qingdao, Han nationality, the representative of the "direction", "projection" and so on. By the new moon poet Xu Zhimo had a deep impact, using parallelism, metaphor and rhetoric, easy to pronounce well. Simple and concise language, intelligible, philosophical, highly generality, vivid image, strong lyrical and harmonious music. The modern poetry that Zhang Jike modern poetry made great achievements. Although, looks like a joke, but I have to say, the content of which is consistent with the fact. In this song: clever with Xu Zhimo, famous in this song: it is a tribute to the hazy poets in his famous works "far and near". As for the music, there are fans in order to prove this point, Zhang Jike’s poems directly into a song, sing out…… Actually, it’s pretty good……相关的主题文章: