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Zhang Luyi "sparrow" hit drama interpretation of life [Abstract] in contrast to acting, Zhang Luyi is with the high demands of the actors on their own, can be called play crazy. In the "sparrow", in order to get closer to the Zhang Luyi Bi Zhongliang character image and fattening 20 pounds. Zhang Luyi plays Bi Zhongliang Zhang Luyi "sparrow" sparrow _23 > > > click on the video to watch "sparrow" Tencent, Tencent entertainment news recently, Zhang Luyi starred in the TV drama "sparrow" is Hunan TV hit. As a national gathering of hatred, troubled love and historical depth of the big production drama, played by Zhang Luyi Bi Zhongliang is the most "constantly refresh the cognition of audience" role. With the development of the story, Bi Zhongliang and others at every step of the contest Zhiyong high IQ EQ image increasingly significant, hidden in this role on the plot and reverse burning brain charm also tempt the appetite of the audience. Zhang Luyi with their own characters of deep grasp, the double temperament of Bi Zhongliang who is able to conduct serious easily reveal the most incisive. So users can not help screaming: "I walk the long way, is a complete routine director ah!" Zhang Luyi renewed suspicion and Su three staged "Brotherhood" slings and arrows in the "sparrow", played by Zhang Luyi in 76, Bi Zhongliang spy headquarters director of operations high, but he must beware of superior Li Moqun suspicion, vice mayor again and just before the surrender juntong Shanghai area Su three province (Yin Zhengshi) battle of wits Doo yong. In a recent story, Bi Zhongliang look dignified, the air is also filled with the oppressive atmosphere, not only because the Jiangsu provinces just surrender and was named as the third action team captain, but because the agent of the headquarters director Li Moqun has privately arranged a secret mission to sue three, this is undoubtedly to the Bi Zhongliang side according to a monitor, this a move to Bi Zhongliang in a very passive. On the surface Bi Zhongliang of Jiangsu provinces but hidden dangers, and address each other as brothers, actor Zhang Luyi through the eyes, facial expressions and so will this gloomy mood behaved most incisive. In shaping the character actor Zhang Luyi is impeccable, which is derived from him the details of the control, more serious is the interpretation of the role, so to attract the audience to chase drama boom rising. Xiwai contrast produced fascinating pursuit of "Wuwei" Adorable Luyi Zhang life for acting, Luyi Zhang is a high requirement of the actors on their own, can be called play crazy. In the "sparrow", in order to get closer to the Zhang Luyi Bi Zhongliang character image and fattening 20 pounds; in the "red" in him for a more comprehensive interpretation of Xu day this role, the crew deliberately before starting with a month’s time to experience life in the alleys of Shanghai; in "three Brothers" in his line of fire in order to improve a Japanese officer similarity, three months learning Japanese, so the same crew of actor Huang Bo mistakenly think that he is a Japanese actor. Although Luyi Zhang in the cause of a word, look every twinkle and smile, eyes are the precise place a different kind of wonderful, but through an interview to Luyi Zhang in life is a pursuit of "Wuwei" living state of the people. He said: in life, the same is an ordinary person and everyone, have also have five mixed the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures. For outside.相关的主题文章: