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Zhang Jiang: market survey houses sold down 30% – market dynamics – Shanghai Leju network   Sina Locke (editor Peng Yiping) of Shanghai "2040 plan", let Zhang Jiang be the center of attention again. According to the "Shanghai urban master plan (2016-2040)," the draft shows that the addition of Zhang Jiang as Shanghai city deputy center". As the focus of planning and construction of the region, is showing the potential for future development.     "Zhang Jiang brand housing prices push push is not strange?" review of the history of Zhang Jiang, it is not difficult to find that it has been based on the highlands! The establishment of high-tech park from the park opened in 1992 as a National Development Zone, 2011 approved the construction of national innovation demonstration zone, to be included in the test area of free trade, 20 years of vigorous development, let Zhang Jiang facilities more mature. In 2040 this year, planning for the new opportunities in the area now meet, Shanghai Zhangjiang toward the construction of another "city center" and continuous efforts. ?? In the plate, the legendary Plaza, Changtai Plaza, Huizhi Center District, convenient life. To improve the educational resources, it is the icing on the cake, high tech experimental primary school, Pudong foreign language school, Fudan University, Pudong Institute of foreign languages are impressively. Developers competing to stop to show the potential of the region. Including not only attracted HUAFA and Tang Chen brand enterprises competing in, even Vanke Group also impressively, the living facilities increasingly mature. ?? On the region brand enterprises in Shanghai Research Institute of real estate consulting center researcher Yao La said: "Zhang Jiang has a strong industry support, has brought infinite vitality to the development of this area a large number of outstanding talents." Vanke as a leading domestic real estate enterprises, leading the list of housing prices throughout the year for many years. Vanke efforts to see. The prospect of Zhang Jiang in this area, Vanke also produce a answer. Vanke jade villa residential area set up here. Zhang Jiang regional brand housing prices push push this is not surprising." Shanghai chain home new research and Development Center Director Fu Wei bluntly: "at present, more than 80% hundred housing prices have entered Shanghai, so many large enterprises are to take the bar to increasing the threshold, region itself is not bad, the traffic is good, a small amount of new development area of the plate more attention." ?? This view, Yao Laye agrees: "especially this year will just be set to city center, to further enhance the development level of Zhang Jiang, to gather more industry and population, can let Zhang Jiang get the value of the plate to a greater degree of release." ?? In the supply area reduces the housing scarcity of  ?? brand enterprises gathered under Zhang Jiang, in the coming year 2017 will usher in the "2040 plan" as a major development opportunities, in such circumstances, the development of more and more people look forward to the future. But, on the development of the region, the Central Plains real estate analyst Lu Wenxi said: in recent years, the reduction in land supply, the supply of new homes market is not much. Now the northern Zhangjiang basically saturated, can not transfer of land, and now the southern region is also not what land." For this?;相关的主题文章: