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Zhanhua winter jujube pressure branch (beautiful Chinese autumn charm) – the Shandong Channel – the people’s net – tempting winter jujube branches. Photo by reporter Li Weina Zhang Shengqing in the jujube picking jujube. Li Weina, a journalist of our newspaper, has a sweet and crisp winter jujube. Newspaper reporter Li Weina photo of autumn is getting stronger, Zhanhua Shandong District Binzhou city into the colorful season, alternating red and green grass Suaeda australis, white catkins flying birds south. A piece of jujube, red dates with branches. "People work hard, God help, this year is a rich year." The hanging "Se jujube" brand of jujube in Zhanhua area wa Zhen Yu Jia Cun Jiang Yuxiang their busy jujube fruit. Jiang Yuxiang has planted 20 years of winter jujube and wrote a 20 – year diary of jujube. This year he planted 15 acres of jujube, is expected to profit 3389 yuan. Jujube gabengcui, no pollution, a year to sell is located in the hinterland of the Yellow River Delta in Zhanhua, there are thousands of years of history of jujube cultivation, at present the jujube planting area of 500 thousand mu, total output of up to 750 million pounds this year jujube. Lower lying town is the most important winter jujube producing area in Zhanhua. These days, the Township Hall Road permanent jujube market bustling, farmers with baskets, baskets of jujube from surrounding the village to gather. Gao Xiangfeng, the deputy mayor, pointed to the platoon truck and tricycle, and said, "see, the five jujube cities in the town are all cars next to cars and people crowded, more lively than the past year." "From the acquisition of Zhanhua jujube, gabengcui, no pollution, a year to sell." Jujug, a jujube from Zibo, was busy keeping accounts on a piece of cardboard and asked about the jujube plan. He said, "how much and how much to collect." "Express delivery to the large and medium cities throughout the country." Keep the group of professional cooperatives sell jujube jujube by the electricity supplier Wang Shouqun tired face showing up, "to the sales peak, the estimated day delivery million pounds or more, have to hire a dozen people to help." "The daughter of the emperor does not worry about marriage." In recent years, their sun never Guanpeng Xi Sun Cun home jujube market sent a worry: "the line of collocation to sell. In August, there were businessmen looking to the door, the about 400000 yuan of winter jujube, and the trees were all booked out. Ecological planting is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and the physical and pest prevention and control of diseases and pests gradually replace the pesticide "good quality, and do not worry about selling out a good price." Under wa Zhen Xi Sun Cun Zaonong Ding Taiping said that this year he passed the reasonable thinning and fruit thinning will yield from 2000 kg to 1000 kg, jujube quality has been improved, for example, the new variety "with winter two" per kilogram can be sold for 80 yuan to 100 yuan, is 10 times more than the ordinary price of jujube. The treatment of insects was a big problem in the ecological planting of winter jujube. In earlier years, in order to prevent bug pests such as jujube, to fight drugs from jujube flowering. As a result, some winter jujube pesticide residues exceeded the standard, affecting the quality of winter jujube, and even the reputation of Zhanhua winter jujube. Nowadays, ecological planting has gone deep into the hearts of farmers in Zhanhua, and the method of pest and disease prevention and control is gradually replacing the spraying of pesticides. In the village of Dongping depression Town, farmer Wang Chunyue pointed to the hanging plate and the jujube armyworm lantern like mothkilling pot, plate, jar packed full of bug trap: "now basically do not have what medicine." "Fertilizer can make jujube fast long Wang, this is just a" puffiness ", more and more aware of their strong support, in order to have trees, organic fertilizer." Liu Rongchang, the director of the winter jujube in lower depression, said. In Lu Zhen Lu Jia Cun Xia wa Gonglin the jujube, jujube between closely with clover. "These grass, dry season can moisturize, the rainy season can absorb water. It can lead to insects, composting, prevent non-point source pollution." Saline tenacious growth of jujube, is not only economic forest but also ecological forest in Zhanhua to jujube, jujube also selflessly give back to them. 113 year old Wang Fenglan sat on the bed, bend over to the guests pass a fresh jujube. The two daughter, Qi Zhenfeng, who had been white haired, gently fed a winter jujube to her mother’s mouth: "she has a good appetite and likes to eat jujubes, so she makes her happy." Today’s Zhanhua, everywhere visible green jujube. In the last century, however, there was a "wire pole more than a tree". It turned out that the degree of soil salinization in Zhanhua was high and the former vegetation was poor. In order to get rid of the face of poverty, the people of Zhanhua planted willow trees and planted poplar trees. But either is decadent, or dry death from the top of the tree, "Zhanhua should be like planting trees, planted onions in stone difficult". The sand land in Zhanhua finally chose the winter jujube. Carrying the ecological county and county and enriching hope, Zhanhua jujube tree 20 years from 56 to 500 thousand acres of development. The total forest area increased to more than 80 mu, and the forest coverage increased to 26.9%. "Not only is economic forest, ecological forest, Zhanhua has a special historical mission of jujube." Zhanhua party secretary Jia Shanyin said, in 2015 the jujube industry output value of 2 billion 800 million yuan, per capita net income of 8200 yuan of Dongzao jujube. "People’s Daily" (October 10, 2016 16 Edition) (commissioning editor Nie Junqiong and Hu Honglin) 沾化冬枣压枝头(美丽中国 秋色迷人)–山东频道–人民网 诱人的冬枣压枝头。 本报记者 李维娜摄 枣农张省庆在采摘冬枣。 本报记者 李维娜摄 姜玉祥夫妇种的冬枣脆又甜。 本报记者 李维娜摄 秋色渐浓,山东滨州市沾化区进入颜色绚丽的季节,红色碱蓬草与绿色芦苇相间,白色芦花飘扬,候鸟南迁。成片的枣树上,发红的枣子压弯枝头。 “人努力,天帮忙,今年又是丰产年。”在挂着“富硒冬枣”牌子的枣园里,沾化区下洼镇于家村枣农姜玉祥忙着给枣树疏果。姜玉祥种了20年冬枣,写了20年的种枣日记。今年他家种植的15亩冬枣,有望获利三四十万元。 冬枣嘎嘣脆,无污染,一年比一年好卖 位于黄河三角洲腹地的沾化,有上千年的冬枣种植历史,目前全区冬枣种植面积达50万亩,今年冬枣总产量可达7.5亿斤。 下洼镇是沾化最重要的冬枣产区。这几天,镇区永馆路上的冬枣市场热闹非凡,农民带着一筐筐、一篓篓的冬枣从周边村子聚拢而来。副镇长高祥峰指着成排的卡车、三轮车说:“看,镇里的五个枣市都是车挨车、人挤人,比过年都热闹。” “从沾化收购的冬枣,嘎嘣脆,没污染,一年比一年好卖。”来自淄博的枣商老郭正忙着在一块硬纸板上记账,问及收枣计划,他说:“来多少,收多少。” “快递发往全国各大中城市。”通过电商卖枣的守群冬枣专业合作社理事长王守群疲惫的脸上露着喜色,“到了销售高峰期,估计一天发货万斤以上,得雇十来个人帮忙。” “皇帝女儿不愁嫁”。这几年,西孙村枣农孙观朋从没为自家冬枣的销路发过愁:“线上线下搭配着卖。8月份开始就有客商找上门,价值40多万元的冬枣,还长在树上就全都订出去了。” 生态种植深入人心,病虫害物理防治逐渐取代农药 “品质好,就不愁卖不出好价钱。”下洼镇西孙村枣农丁太平说,今年他通过合理间伐和疏果将亩产量由2000公斤降到1000公斤,冬枣品质得到提升,比如,新品种“沾冬二号”每斤能卖到80至100元,是普通冬枣价格的10多倍。 治虫曾是冬枣生态种植的一大难题。早些年,为了防治盲椿象等虫害,枣农从枣树开花起就要打药。结果,有的冬枣农药残留超标,影响了冬枣品质,甚至影响了沾化冬枣的声誉。 如今,生态种植已经深入沾化农民内心,病虫害物理防治方法正逐渐取代喷洒农药。在下洼镇东平村,农民王春跃指了指枣树上悬挂的黏虫板和灯笼似的诱虫罐,板上、罐里密密麻麻的全是诱捕的盲椿象:“现在基本不用啥药了。” “化肥能让枣树快速长旺,这只是一种‘虚胖’,越来越多的枣农意识到,要想养壮树势,就得增施有机肥。”下洼镇冬枣办主任刘荣昌说。 在下洼镇卢家村卢功林的枣园里,枣树间密密地种着三叶草。“这些草,旱季能保湿,雨季能吸水。还可以引虫、沤肥,防止面源污染。” 盐碱地上顽强生长的冬枣,既是经济林也是生态林 沾化人善待冬枣,冬枣也无私地回馈他们。113岁的王凤兰老人盘腿坐在床上,弯腰给客人们递一把新鲜的冬枣。也已白发苍苍的二女儿齐振凤,轻轻地往母亲嘴里喂一颗冬枣:“她胃口好,喜欢吃枣,就让她吃着高兴。” 今日的沾化,随处可见葱茏的枣林。然而在上世纪,这里一度“电线杆子比树还多”。 原来,沾化境内土质盐碱化程度高,以前植被覆盖差。为了摆脱穷荒面貌,沾化人栽过柳树,种过杨树。但要么长势颓弱,要么从树顶开始干枯死亡,“沾化要栽树,跟在石头上栽葱一样难”。 沾化的沙土地最终选择了冬枣。承载着生态立县和富民兴县的希冀,沾化冬枣树20年间从56棵发展到50万亩。全境森林面积增加到80余万亩,森林覆盖率提升至26.9%。 “既是经济林,更是生态林,沾化人赋予了冬枣特殊的历史使命。”沾化区委书记贾善银说,2015年冬枣产业实现产值28亿元,枣农人均冬枣纯收入8200元。 《 人民日报 》( 2016年10月10日 16 版) (责编:聂俊穹、胡洪林)相关的主题文章: