Zhejiang Qingtian stone trading launched the new game from the tradesmen to shoot a new micro networ roxane hayward

Zhejiang Qingtian stone trading launched the "new game": from the tradesmen to online shopping – micro shot Beijing Beijing in September 19 Lishui Xinhua (Xi Jinyan) "Internet plus" wind blowing, the micro film art market has become a popular way of auction trading. Rich in Qingtian stone carving, "China’s cultural capital" – Zhejiang, Qingtian, is to replace the traditional way of trading, has become the mainstream of the circle. After dinner, about 8 points, Zhou Jiangli stone carving artists and his wife opened the mobile phone, open the WeChat group started the micro shot time two times a week "". Today is take a total of seven pieces, seal stone, there are nearly 500 people in the group, are directed to the works of Zhou Jiangli, ready to "splurge", "good heart beat back". The auction will be presided over by the wife of Zhou Jiangli, has presided over the auction she experienced many times, the next auction is speed: take it leisurely and unoppressively Qingtian Zhoucun dragon stone seal, the starting price is zero, the rate of increase of $1000. The group of friends of "wind" (a pseudonym) first bid: 3888 yuan, and have a group of friends bid, after fierce bidding, the final auction price of 13000 yuan to clinch a deal. After two hours of auction, the seven works are looking for the owner". Zhou Jiangli told reporters that this year, the rapid development of the micro film, such as micro shot group in Shankou town had more than and 30, "before the consumer groups are relatively closed, with the micro shot after opening a lot, a lot of simple process, some outsiders Coucourenao, in the course of contacts will become customer." As Zhou Jiangli said, compared to the traditional auction collection, collection, review, approval, settlement, returns and other cumbersome procedures, the micro film of low cost, simple operation, obvious advantages in cost and convenience and other factors. However, for micro beat, Qingtian stone lovers Ye Min there are some doubts. Ye min had participated in several micro film, "sometimes, stone seller sun photos directly in the circle of friends, with the intention of the buyers directly for inquiry." But Ye Min said, most of the time, sellers tend to "beat", "is all buyers to a group in the auction, the highest bidder." Ye Min revealed that some sellers exist in the case of snatch resources, often I bid in the group, just a few strangers will come to add my WeChat, it is not disturbed ah……" More let Ye Min feel depressed, once also experienced the goods not board dilemma. In the opinion of the Deputy Secretary of Qingtian county and the development of Stone Industry Protection Bureau Xia Yunfang, electricity supplier is the inevitable trend of development of stone industry, however, Qingtian stone trading has its particularity, the existing electricity trading platform and unable to meet the needs of transaction. In order to give the Qingtian stone carving enthusiasts to provide an open, secure trading platform, to better promote the development of Qingtian stone industry, the reporter learned that, by the protection of stone industry in Qingtian county and Development Bureau developed micro auction platform is being tested, is expected to be officially launched at the end of September. It is understood that the platform is mainly based on WeChat, Qingtian stone lovers can be concerned about WeChat public number, into the micro beat function. Sellers do not need to register, just put on the platform相关的主题文章: