Zhengzhou City Village demolition of housing double male households than double female households in-cagliari exchange

Zhengzhou City Village demolition of housing double male households than double female households in 250 square meters – Sohu news "are the village residence, are 18 years of age, why double male households (two boys home) can be divided into 800 square meters, double female households (two girls home) is only 550 square meters." Yesterday (September 15th), many villagers in Zhengzhou city high tech Zone Ding Lou, the reporter to accompany you to work to reflect that the village recently posted the resettlement housing allocation table, there are extreme inequality between men and women. The placement of the Housing why, why the difference between boys and girls treatment? Encounter             because there are only two girls he was assigned to the 250 square meters of housing in September 14th less than the neighbor house for resettlement housing announced Ding Lou allocation table, the villagers Mao Zhijiang (a pseudonym) is. Grievance. Mao Zhijiang said, because there are only two girls for the sake of home, he has two sons than the whole neighborhood less house 250 square meters. It is reported that the children are 18 years of age can be divided into two men and two square meters of the house, and Mao Zhijiang, such as the double female households, can only be divided into a house of 550 square meters. The same is the village residence, also is in the village of EVA, the treatment gap so big? Yesterday, a number of villagers on behalf of the girl, ready early in the morning to the High-tech Zone Office of the streets for a statement fengyang. "No matter boys and girls, taking care of their parents and other obligations are the same, but why in other things, we would be in a weak position, have been treated unfairly?" Mao Yunyun asked the village girl. Two male households double female households difference, Ding Lou villager Mao Xiaohua (a pseudonym) and her mother’s heart, there are 60 square metres of one-child bonus room, "because my family is double female households, were told no." The village had been informed, so that before the birth of the child in September 9, 2012, to do the one-child certificate, when the card can receive 60 square meters of resettlement housing." Mao Xiaohua said that her child was born in June, so in this range. This document, I and a village with my classmate go to the office now, male students home with these 60 square meters, but not my family." Mao Xiaohua said "I think impassability, because is the daughter body do not have this treatment?" with             what is the placement of the housing so allocated according to the table? Resettlement housing allocation in the villagers, Henan daily office accompany Jun see if gender, Ding Lou Cun current housing situation: there are two boys at home (the second in September 9, 2012 before 18 years of age), a total of 800 square meters. There are two girls home (second daughter September 9, 2012’s have reached the age of 18 years), a total of 550 square meters. There are two boys in the family (there are children before September 9, 2012 under the age of 18, a total of 55.相关的主题文章: